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@PLeithart tweets:

Gnostics despise time. Gnostics are impatient. Conversely, the impatient are Gnostic.

Young people, college students, and non-Christians in general often try live in what they call “the moment.” This includes refusing to plan for the future and ignoring the inevitable consequences of their actions, like hangovers, poverty, babies, and hangovers. It’s easy to think that this kind of existence, scraping the world into powdery lines and snorting them up one after another, is “real living.” The world is made to be spent and life is meant to be enjoyed. But ignoring time and all its quirks (like change, deterioration, and harvest) is really the same as ignoring the world itself. It’s useless to wait for apples from a pear tree, and it’s pointless to exist in the world without considering time. Both impatience and foot-dragging separate the Creation from eschatology. Stopping the story in the middle is as bad as skipping ahead, and both are Gnostic attitudes towards life.