What would Raymond Chandler say?

  • I’m an occasional drinker, the kind of guy who goes out for a beer and wakes up in Singapore with a full beard.
  • He looked about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food.
  • The coffee shop smell was strong enough to build a garage on.
  • He smiled his first smile of the day. He probably allowed himself four.
  • I won’t say the pieces were beginning to fall into place, but at least they were getting to look like parts of the same puzzle.
  • I left her laughing. The sound was like a hen having hiccups.
  • He had short red hair and a face like a collapsed lung.
  • Her fingernails matched her blouse exactly. She looked as if it would take a couple of weeks to get her dressed.
  • The girl gave him a look which ought to have stuck at least four inches out of his back.
  • From thirty feet away she looked like a lot of class. From ten feet away she looked like something made up to be seen from thirty feet away.

Courtesy of @Chandlerisms