Do three lizards make a lounge?

While I have been in Kenya, I have seen a lot of wild animals that I would normally associate with a zoo. Here is a rough list:

A troop of Vervet monkeys

A wedge of glossy ibises

A waterbuck

Herds of impala and Thompson’s gazelle

A dazzle of zebra

A tower of giraffe

A gang of buffalo

A lone hyena

A sounder of warthogs

A flamboyance of flamingos

A bloat of hippopotamuses

A flange of baboons

A snake or three

One gecko

A lounge of lizards

A gaggle of Egyptian geese

I also saw a herd of baby elephants at an animal orphanage, but, although they are technically wild, I can hardly count them. At the same orphanage I saw a single rhinoceros, but he was definitely big enough to make a crash.