How do they come up this stuff?

I always felt guilty whenever I found myself getting interested. After all, if a book contains a chapter titled “Our Underwater Ancestors,” it ought to be ridiculed and tossed in the trash, right?

At the beginning of this week, I heard Pastor Wilson mention that evolution captivated so many minds because it was a good story. What? I thought to myself. Evolution is dry and boring, right?

Well, truth be told, I had always sort of been interested in evolution. But my interest was less of a “Wow, this explains everything in the world,” and more of a “How do they come up with this stuff?” Rather like the interest one might have in a completely off-the-wall, utterly ridiculous TV show. (What will they think of next?)

Men are captivated by stories, which is why so many evolutionists will defend their view in spite of the lack of evidence. In this story, they get to assume the role of King of the World, who was crowned through his chance survival. We are like the pauper who became a prince, and now must employ every effort to stay in the palace. Danger. Subterfuge. Mistaken identities. Rather exciting, don’t you think?

The only problem with this story is the ending. And when it comes down to it, the ending to a story is the most important part.