Script reading challenge

A friend of mine created this reading challenge for next year to get himself to read a variety of scripted material. I’ll be joining him.

Here’s the reading list.

  • Your favorite movie script
  • The Pilot of your favorite TV Show
  • Your favorite play
  • A screenplay written or filmed this year
  • A TV script written or made this year
  • A play written or performed this year
  • A foreign screenplay/teleplay/stage play
  • A comedy
  • A tragedy
  • An Oscar winner
  • An Emmy winner
  • A Tony winner
  • A coming of age story
  • A sports story
  • A love story
  • A fantasy/sci-fi
  • A story named after a character
  • A story about mental illness
  • A famous writer’s first movie/show/play
  • A musical
  • A story in a genre/medium you usually hate
  • A script written before 1960
  • A script that passes the Bechdel test
  • A script based on a true story
  • A script based on a book
  • Wild card (anything you want)

Good luck, and good reading.