Song Exploder

I like few things more than learning about the behind-the-scenes process of some kind of artistic pursuit. I've been loving this new (to me) podcast Song Exploder. The host, Hrishikesh Hirway, has recorded interviews with musicians about writing and composing certain songs. For example, you can listen to Bono and Edge explain how they went about writing the song "Cedarwood Road."

The episodes are short, ten to fifteen minutes, and they always include the song at the end. I love listening to a song that I thought I knew with a heightened awareness of how it's put together.

So far, I've listened to Alexandre Desplat on writing the main theme for The Imitation Game, U2 on "Cedarwood Road," and Sylvan Esso on "Coffee." All have been great.

Here's the complete list of episodes.