The basis for all art and understanding

In romantic thought, repetition is the enemy of freedom, the greatest force of repression both in the mind and in the state. Outside romanticism, repetition has a very different import: it is the sustaining and renewing power of nature, the basis for all art and understanding…. Repetition lost its moral value only with the spread of the industrial machine and the swelling of the romantic chorus of praise for personal originality. Until two hundred years ago virtually no one associated repetition with boredom or constraint. Ennui is ancient; its link to repetition is not. The damned in Dante’s Hell never complain that their suffering is repetitive, only that it is eternal, which is not the same thing.

—Edward Mendelson, Early Auden

Chesterton says something similar about repetition and God. The sun rises every morning because God never gets tired of it. God's relationship to time is very different from ours. Because He sees all moments, and because, to Him, a thousand years pass like a day, the methodical experience of living in time, hour after hour, is a novelty. It's infinity parsed out by seconds.

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