This blog

My situation in life has changed quite a bit since I first started this blog. I moved across the country. I got married. I grew a beard. I became a dad. I no longer get carded when I buy alcohol.

In some ways, though, I'm in the same place now that I was when I decided to put my pushlings on the internet for everyone to see. Then, I was halfway through my first year at New Saint Andrews. Now, I'm halfway through my first year at Villanova. Thanks to my professors, I'm reading interesting stuff that stokes my imagination on a daily basis. A lot of that stuff will end up here, so I figured I oughta let you know what's coming down the pipe.

This semester, I'm taking a class on American Gothic literature, which should be interesting. Keeping the atmosphere cheery, I'm also taking a class on Renaissance Revenge Tragedy, which has already begun pulling old opinions on Girard and wergild out of my subconscious. My third class is called New Media. It's part of the Communication program (a field of study, which is not, as I found out, the same as Communications - mark the S). I already wrote a little something-something about that last class here.

I also have grand plans to start blog serieses. Last semester I took a class on Literary Theory and, while some of what I read was less coherent than a fresh cow patty, most of the writers had a lot to offer, especially to Christians, especially to conservative Christians who care about education. I may do a blog series that goes through the major theories and tries to talk about the Bible at the same time. Someone else has probably already done this and done it better than I will. But the exercise would be worth it to me.

The other series I have considered kicking off would blog through Kevin Kelly's book on the future of technology, The Inevitable. The more I read about the people who are at the forefront of technological development these days (Kelly started Wired magazine), the more it's apparent to me that what they're doing looks a whole lot like theology. They know they're telling a story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. I think we need to figure out how the Gospel fits into that.

At the same time, I'll be writing fiction whenever I get a chance, so expect my usual deranged patter on writing, language, poetry, and movies. And I'm still invested in my eternal investigation of time... There's a world in that ellipsis. Mark m'words.

One last thing. I'm looking into reinstating comments on this here blog so you — yes, you — can join the conversation. What fun! Please do argue with me, points out my mistakes, etc. As some farceur said somewhere, you don't lose anything by being wrong. I think that was Napoleon.